• Facebook Page Setup & Management
  • Instagram Business Account Setup & Management
  • Twitter Page Setup & Management
  • G Account Setup & Management
  • Content Writing
  • Monitoring
  • Posting and customization
  • Check social media analytics & reporting



One strategy cannot be fit for all businesses, so we create a tailored plan for each client after completely understanding the origin of their business to produce desired results from influencing social media activities.


Your reputation defines your business and its success. Social media and other review sites can help you create a perfect online reputation for your company. The thing is to get it done in the right way, a few mistakes can cost you a lot when it comes to the creation of a good reputation. Rise of your company’s repute to a 5-star rating can be difficult but needs some techniques. Our experts will help you raise the ratings and increase your business fast.


Our experts will make sure to create high-performance ads and post for your social media engagement to market your business and generate relevant traffic. Our goal is to create something that your user will share on their social media for further marketing, free of cost.


Content helps to educate your customers and spread your brand message. Everything on your website is content and you must apply a unique strategy to make it shine and improve conversions. Content marketing plays a major part in building the trust of your customers, cultivating their loyalty and make an impact on their decision of conversion. The content marketing strategy must take visitors from other connected channels like social media to your website and make the purchase.


No strategy is versatile enough to work for every client, so our goal is to produce a customized social media marketing strategy for each of our customers that is sustainable and effective. A monthly report carrying the performance of our strategy will be provided to you. Website traffic and time on site will be focused on this report.


To maximize the online performance of your brand, we will make sure all the communications in our email marketing campaigns are targeted and produce desired results. Our team will provide tried and tested marketing campaigns per month that will guarantee clicks and visits leading to sales.


What we do is define your business, apply efficient marketing strategies and hit the right audience with the right content that guides them to your website. We generate leads by social media marketing after completely understanding your business and your target audience.


Facebook can work as a website for your company and advertise you in the best way if the right techniques are applied. People are looking for your services on the internet and what if they find your Facebook page and nothing grabs their attention? At CeeLife, we have been creating Facebook campaigns for brands to showcase them. Facebook can be used as an effective marketing tool if you have a large organization or just started a small business.


Social media is a powerful medium to connect to your potential customers and communicate your brand message. Our SMM experts at CeeLife will make sure to produce a customized strategy for your business and attract traffic with persuading content that will influence them to make a purchase. There are many cases when traffic is obtained but no sales are made, CeeLife will make sure to provide 100% organic traffic that leads to conversions.